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Модем Linksys AM200

Linksys AM200 фото
— производитель: Linksys (Линксис)
— модель: AM200
— внешний ADSL-модем (роутер)
— интерфейс: Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
— поддержка VPN pass through
— артикул MD0-92026

Описание и обзор Linksys AM200

Сегодня на тесте внешний ADSL-модем (роутер) Линксис, в народе Linksys AM200. Устройство у меня уже 8 месяцев, хочу поделиться с вами моими мыслями. Не помню когда Linksys его выпустили, но до сих пор он исправно трудится и отлично выполняет единственную возложенную на него задачу, обеспечивает мне доступ в Интернет. Подключается железяка к Ethernet 10/100 Base-T портам компьютера и не только, сложностей на этом этапе возникнуть не должно, тем более, что в комплекте до безобразия понятная инструкция, да и подругому что-то подключить нужно еще постараться. Смотрите полный видеообзор ниже.
This video tutorial will explain what Wake On Lan is and how to setup your home router to work with WOL. This way you can wake up your computer while you are away from your home. I also go into explain how to use a dynamic dns service for those of you with dynamic global IP addresses. Hope you enjoy!
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Music Credits:
Modern Jazz Samba - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" "Tip: For future reference it is easier to work with other routers when it comes to opening ports because it is just a button that have to push. Dealing with linksys is extremely hard but linksys security system is better.
1. Items you need to open your nat.
a. computer (the operating system or company name does not matter)
b. linksys router (if you have netgear or d-link or any other router besides linksys this is not the tutorial for you)
c. Xbox 360
Overview of what is going to happen:
Your linksys firewall needs some xbox live ports to be opened so that it can maximize your connection. By maximizing your connection it will reduce lag, make matchmaking a quicker process, and you will be able to connect to more people. For this to happen you must send the ports directly from your computer's ip address to Xbox live and make sure your router supports UPnP.
First what you are going to do is open your internet browser and type in in the url box. After you type that in and press enter a box should come up asking you for your username and password. Leave the username blank and type in admin (in lowercase) and press enter. If the window popped up again then you either typed admin wrong or your username password has been already set previously. So what you want to do to change that is go reset your router. Make sure you hold down the button for 10 seconds when resetting your router. After resetting your router try entering the website again. Once you have gotten in the first thing I want you to do is click over to the Administration tab. Once you are there it should be an option to enable UPnP. So go ahead and enable it. Next you should go over the the Applications & Gaming tab. The tab should have six categories (Application, Start, End, Protocool, IP Address, and lastly Enable. There are six port numbers that will need to be enabled so you can open your nat. Stop the video and copy what you see on the picture. The reason why I am not showing you the last column is because that is my ip address and you dont need to know that information. Ok so for the IP Address column you will need to find your computer's ip address. On a mac you can do this by going to about this mac then click more info and go down to and click Network. If you are using vista on a pc you must go to control panel then go view network and task. From there you must view status of your local are connection. A window should pop open and clip details. There should be a line that has your IP address within the details. For windows xp users the steps used to find your IP address for vista should be the same. Once you have found your IP address fill the last few digits from that IP address into the IP address column. Lastly, go down the list and enable all the ports and save settings. If your setting did not save then you did not do something correct in the columns,Ok now turn on your Xbox 360 and go to console settings and from there go to network settings. Once you are in network settings go to test xbox live connection. If a caution triangle like this appears like shown in this picture then something is still incorrect. So please go back through each step and see if you did something incorrect.I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause to equipment while performing these modifications. The activity performed in this video VOIDS your manufacturer warranty in most cases.
Brief basic guide to flashing DD-WRT onto your router.Come promesso ecco la configurazione del router Linkysys WAG-120N.
In questo video vi mostrerò come configurare la connessione ad internet (alice e infostrada) e a proteggere la rete wireless di questo router
Guarda anche il video di Unboxing:
Spero vi possa essere utile..
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