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Модем ZTE AC582

ZTE AC582 фото
— производитель: ZTE (ЗТЕ)
— модель: AC582
— внешний CDMA-модем
— интерфейс: USB
— стандарты: EV-DO Rev A
— артикул MD0-192324

Описание и обзор ZTE AC582

Всем привет, дорогие читатели, у нас на обзоре внешний CDMA-модем ЗТЕ, в народе ZTE AC582. Устройство у меня уже 5 месяцев, хочу поделиться с вами моими мыслями. Не помню когда ZTE его выпустили, но до сих пор он исправно трудится и отлично выполняет единственную возложенную на него задачу, обеспечивает мне доступ в Интернет. Подключается железяка к USB портам компьютера и не только, сложностей на этом этапе возникнуть не должно, тем более, что в комплекте до безобразия понятная инструкция, да и подругому что-то подключить нужно еще постараться. Смотрите полный видеообзор ниже.
the solution is here...
......mail me at srvsh.choudhary@gmail.com OR CALL ME AT 09136133400 OR 09251133557zte ac 2766 bsnl evdo speed 2015Hey Guys,
This video guides you to setting up your Battery powered portable TP-Link MR3040 3G/4G wireless router with ZTE AC2791 (known as Reliance Pro 3 in India)
The set-up is pretty simple, you don't need to install the CD received with the Router.
This device has many of the important features of a conventional router plus has the advantage of portability and it's form factor is lesser than most routers. It easily fits in your pocket and is about the same size as an iPhone 4/4s
Things you need to know about the router:
1. It reboots when you connect it to it's charger via the Micro-USB port and reboots when you disconnect charging as well.
What this implies is that you should be prepared for temporary connection loss when you keep it for charge or remove it.
(Edit: 23rd Feb, 2015: This is not happening frequently, most of the times the connection is staying "online" after removing it from charge and re-connecting although sometimes it just doesn't work and I have to restart the router to get it working again! Urghhh!! )
2. It provides good range upto 10 feet and then it's range drops exponentially thereafter.
This implies that it will provide coverage in all corners of a 350 sq ft room if placed in the center. Good enough for most rooms (Hotels/Bedrooms)
Keeping the router at a higher height will provide a marginally better coverage. Walls will reduce it's effective range further; so if you are sitting in a different room than that in which the router is placed, you will get reduced throughput (slower speed) while browsing.
3. It's battery life for 3G/4G connections is about 3-3.5 hours. If you are using it as a WISP client or an Access Point (AP) the battery lasts between 4-4.5 hours
4. The modem can also be configured as Repeater/Client/Bridge in the AP mode.
You can refer to the manual in the accompanying CD on how to do that
5. The back cover is a bit flimsy. If you keep on removing the cover often, chances are it might break.
The reason why you might to open the back cover is when you need to check your Serial number or the initial Wi-Fi password after resetting it. I would suggest you take a photo of the back of the router after removing the back cover and refer to the photo when you need it.
6. If you want to increase the range of this device, you can buy a WiFi Range extender.
One suggestion is that since this device can support a maximum speed of 150 mbps, buy a range extender that supports the same speed. Buying a higher speed range extender won't be of help and will cost you more.
All that is listed on the TP-Link Website
Points that can be improved upon:
1. Back cover build could have been better
2. Having two LAN ports instead of 1.
3. Higher battery capacity
If you have purchased your router before August, 2014, you might have to update your firmware for the Router to detect AC2791.
For purchases made after August 2014, the MR3040 should work out of the box.
For a list of compatible dongles for the MR3040, please visit:

To know more about TP-Link MR3040:

Feel free to post questions or comment/like/share
Thanks for watching!
Cheers!Todo sobre la Gira Acústica de David Bisbal. ¡Vive los mejores momentos de un gran talento! By ZTE.------------------------ Please Read,Very Important/ Lire sa svp--------------------------
Warning: Im Bad at English as my country main language isn't english so srry for that and plz do try to understand :)
Please Note that:
1.There are many different version of this modem,means that their setting are not identically.
2.Your Internal ip MAY change so please be careful (Nothing to worry about) What I mean here is, if you port forward your modem to host a game,you will need to change the setting to your current internal ip
------------------------------------------- English Description ----------------------------------------------
If you didn't understand my video because of the language then just follow how i did it.
Here I will show you how to find your Internal Ip: (Only for Window 7 users)
1.Click Start
2.Type CMD (Its a black box)
3.Type in "ipconfig" (Without the "")
4. IPv4 Address is your internal Ip (Example
Here I will show you how to find your Internal Ip: (Only for Window XP users)
1.Click Start
2.Click on Run
3.Type in cmd
4.A Black box will Open then type in ipconfig
5.IPv4 Address is your internal Ip (Example
Sorry ban kamarad Mauritian,mon nek fair video la en creole ek description la en Anglais
Mais zot bizin contant ki zot comprend Anglais ek creole :v
So plz pas rage xD
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Eptic - Mastermind
Zedd - Spectrum
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